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AmygdaLAAAAAAAAAAA! (in an opera voice)


Srinivasa Pillay wrote  a book relating brain science to the business world. It’s on my long list of books to read… but here’s a cool exerpt from an interivew he did with Business Insider:

“One of the reasons that business strategies are not executed effectively is that they are presented in a way that makes people anxious. This anxiety reduces productivity, undermining the strategy. An organizational psychologist might identify that productivity is affected by the level of your anxiety, but a brain scientist could say, “When you become anxious it activates the fear center in your brain, which can then disrupt the thinking part of the brain, to which it is connected.”

“Moreover, brain science tells us that even when fear is completely outside of conscious awareness, the fear center of the brain still activates. If you’re unable to focus on a project, you may not be feeling anxiety consciously, but anxiety that is active in your brain may be lessening your productivity.”

Agree? Disagree?


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