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Poop On the Beach!

Unknownphoto courtesy of yelp.com

I began my day at the beach reading Daniel Pink’s book “Drive.” While sprawled out on my outstandingly comfortable REI LTG Comfort chair (seriously! AMAZINGLY comfortable!), I observed not once – not twice – but three times various people with dogs picking up their dogs’ poop in neon plastic bags. I began to wonder…why were people doing this?

1. Carpinteria City Beach is technically not dog friendly, but there are no police there to enforce this law… or a law for leaving poop on the beach. Nope, it’s not a fear of breaking a law.

2. Perhaps this was a social norm? Peer pressure? There was probably 1/4 mile between people this morning…so fear of being seen by someone for not doing the right thing probably is a small if any factor.

3. Intrinsic motivation. (my vote 🙂   )

I believe intrinsic motivation is responsible. Intrinsic motivation is characterized by a drive to be responsible, successful, and sometimes altruistic. Perhaps people intrinsically want to keep the beaches clean for others to enjoy. Daniel Pink considers intrinsic motivation to be the strongest possible motivator and I’d agree with him.

What intrinsic motivations guide your daily actions?

Thanks God for intrinsic motivation that keeps poop off the beach.


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