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“Be a yardstick of excellence. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs


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Want a Promotion? Here’s How to Get It…


I’ve met many people who complain about not “being given” their promotion.


I learned at an early age that we should never expect to be “given” something in life. Instead we earn our fates.

If you are a person trying to move up in a company, on the depth chart for a sport team…whatever… I have the solution and some very valuable advice:

Act the part that you want.

If you are a sales person and you want to become a supervisor – do what a supervisor does. Demonstrate that you already are a supervisor now, today, in this moment. All that’s left will be officially giving you the pay increase and new title. Some practical application ideas:

1.Dress for success. If a supervisor or manager at your job dresses a little nicer than everyone else – start dressing that way. You will be surprised how people will treat you with more respect.

2.Lead from the front. Be an influencer! Demonstrate that you’re a leader (not that you’re “going to be a leader”… be a leader!) Become the go-to-guy or girl. An indicator of this is how often your coworkers seek you out for expertise and assistance.

3.Don’t be afraid to brag a little. If you’ve got it, make sure key people know it. Confidence is extremely important as a leader. However, when you brag, do it in a humbly. Boast about your accomplishments but reference the team,  the business, the organization. Show that the most important thing to you is influencing others and driving the business.

4. The most important advice I could ever give: Don’t let “meets expectations” be good enough for you. If you want to run the show, you need to raise the bar for what success looks like. Demonstrate that you operate at a higher level and standard than others. If you do this, it will be borderline impossible for a superior to not promote you.

Any thoughts? Does this ring familiar to anyone else out there?

Now stop reading and go kick some butt!


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