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Creating good behaviors


A friend of mine once told me: “What we celebrate, we will get more of.”  This advice has paid dividends for me.

As leaders, we are given an opportunity to validate and invalidate what we observe on a daily basis.

If we see an employee bending over backwards to do a great job, we need to validate that employee’s actions.  That action needs to be very clearly recognized so that it will recur.

Conversely, if we see an employee wrongly acting, we need to invalidate that specific action so that it will not recur (note: invalidate the ACTION, not the person).  It’s very simple.

What are the behaviors and attitudes that we want around us more? How do we celebrate those things so they become perpetual? These are valuable questions for all of us to ask for every situation in life, especially when seeking to create a culture of success and goodness.


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