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It’s not about increasing our bottom performers – but empowering our top performers….

I’ve been inching through Jim Collins’ book From Good to Great over the last few months. There’s some really good stuff in it about how to get a successful company over the hump to be truly special. 

In the last chapter I read, Collins pointed out three observations that most great companies make regarding their personnel:

1. Don’t hire simply to hire. Instead, wait for the right people to hire the best.

2. When change in personnel is needed, do it – don’t wait.

3. Put the best employees on the biggest challenges

I find Collins’ book to be nothing revolutionary but instead a remarkable and motivating reminder of how to be successful. These points are no exception to that. As I grow into a stronger leader and manager, I’m reminded to focus on my bright spots to make them brighter and to empower my employees’ passion, skills, and desire to impact our business on a more profound level. Thanks Jim Collins.


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A Question of Leadership

“People don’t resist change. People resist BEING changed.”

I just found this really interesting Tedx Talk on increasing ownership and reducing resistance in organizations. Check it here:

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December 5, 2013 · 1:12 pm

Leaders Will Be Disliked…


…at times. Fortunately, there will also be a lot of times where you’re also appreciated openly.

Michelle Rhee posted a great article about this on LinkedIn this week. Her best advice: “Develop your tough skin now…”  I could not agree more. Well spoken, Michelle.

I fully agree with Michelle’s article. As a leader, I’ve enjoyed some great moments of positivity where I felt appreciated… and I’ve had moments where people around me clearly did not like what was happening. There are many reasons for it – perhaps it was their disposition, jealousy, some internal issue, struggle with change, or genuine dislike for myself and what I was doing – but a leader must hunker down during those times and lead from the front. If a strong leader is truly doing this, many of those naysayers will come around eventually or move on to greener pastures.

Read the rest of the article here. It’s well worth it, especially for younger leaders.

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Want Change to Happen? (video)

Another Heaths video…this time Dan Heath. Check it; its short and very worthwhile.

See – Feel – Change

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Anchoring Change Management…Anchors…


Last Sunday we talked about change management. I’m going to go about this article hoping that y’all have read that one (as I ask in a 4th grade teacher’s voice “has everyone done their homework???”).

In order to consistently run with change management and to be, both, proactive and reactive, it is important for a person or business’s DNA to contain a fulcrum for change management. An organization or person must remain elastic and dynamic in a changing environment and flexibility must be built into the overall schematic.

For instance, let’s pretend we run a footwear company called Renikesics. We’ve got all sorts of shoes that have remained winners throughout the years (Air Scotties?) but it is imperative that we are also trying out new things to expand the future of the company. Therefore, our product line is composed of the foundational products we’ve carried for a long time and a small segment of R & D/experimental products that may bomb or may explode (in a good way) and build our future.

This model is also important in, well, all aspects of a business or organization. An Australian software company  called Atlassian has embraced this concept. Atlassian has “ShipIt” days four times a year, where every employee is given 24 hours to work on their own crazy idea. After creating and refining this idea in a frantic, energetic, and fast time-span, the employee can pitch their idea to the company’s leadership. Out of over 550 ideas pitched, 47 have been utilized in Atlassian’s products and have brought back over $2 million dollars in revenue.

So… for a relatively minute payroll allocation, Atlassian opens up their reins to change management, progress, and originality. If you think about this more critically, you will find that ShipIt days increase buy-in tremendously among the staff and promote an overall culture of progress. Atlassian is an awesome example of what more companies should be doing…

Every company needs a ShipIt day… or an R&D section of the company for having a little adventure. This needs to be a fundamental part of a company’s DNA in order to usher in the future sooner than later.

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Per Wikipedia:

Change management is an approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and – in general – organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their business environment or individuals in their personal lives

I love you, Wikipedia.

Q. Why does change management matter? 

A. The world is changing and to stay relevant, one needs to change with culture. Remember Circuit City and Blockbuster Video? Not very good at change management.

Q. What does a good change management response look like?

A. Good change management straddles a line between being reactive to culture and being proactive – actually creating culture. A good example is Apple, a company that reacted to the cell phone revolution by creating the brilliant iPhone but a company that also has worked to set the pace for the future with inventions like the iPod and iCloud. Bad change management is overly reactive to culture or actually too proactive that leads to being out of touch and even downright weird (remember the XFL anyone?).

Do not fear change management. Embrace it, own it, use it. Mold the future!

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Understanding the Changing Consumer

Another TED video from a couple years back is still speaking volumes. Absolutely give this a watch, especially if you are a person who sells or buys stuff. (The real meat ‘n potatoes are at 9:00). Change is fascinating.

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