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25 traits of a great manager

I’ve recently started a job in a new store. This challenge carries with it great opportunities but new challenges – a different pace, different employees, and different storewide needs. I’ve been self-reflecting and meditating before and during my shifts to center my focus on who I am and what has gotten me to this point in my career. I thought it’d be helpful to share my brain storm on the qualities that can build a great manager of people.

1. Humble confidence (don’t let the job intimidate you)
2. Open-mindedness to change
3. Including others in the plan
4. Having a plan
5. Not talking too much – but talking words that have power and meaning
6. Remaining calm
7. Remaining calm again
8. Trusting others – but verifying that things were completed right
9. Compassion
13.Simplifying the task at hand – constantly
14.Jogging the marathon – not constantly sprinting or walking
15.Putting oneself in timeout to regroup (self-care)
16.Observing with an open mind
17.Being an advocate of others – personally and professionally
18.Communicating the results (every race needs a finish line)
19.Modelling success from the top down
20.Using different communication styles to reach each person accordingly
21.Influencing change proactively (not waiting for things to just happen)
24.Challenging others in order to help them grow
25.Balancing the short-term picture with the long-term pictureIMG_0211

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