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How to Develop High-Impact Employees

Some leaders have a specific “voice” or passion that they focus on to drive results. Mine is development; developing my peers, bosses, and employees to maximize their skillsets to surpass and sustain our metric goals. The word “development” can be somewhat nebulous, especially for people who are new to management. I’ve spent some time researching and analyzing my own results – and I’ve come up with 11 Ingredients to developing amazing people around me.

The 11 Ingredients For Developing High-Impact Employees
1. Training – Are written resources effective, memorable, and concise?
2. Self-directed learning – What resources can we provide for employees learning on their own? This enables employees to control their own development.
3. Job aids – What small checklists, cards, and aids can our employees keep with them in their day-to-day job that will help them?
4. Modeling – How do our attitudes, performance, and priorities model expectations for our employees every minute of the day?
5. Expectations – How have we communicated clear expectations of how success looks?
6. Coaching – How are we actively and regularly seeking to demonstrate ways to improve employees’ skill sets?
7. Recognition – Are progress and successes celebrated in a timely manner?
8. Job Enrichment – How do we demonstrate trust to our employees to take on more responsibility when it’s earned – and do we compensate appropriately to this?
9. Job fit – Is this the best position for an employee’s passions and interests?
10. Activation – How can we help an employee realize the abilities and potential they have that they might otherwise miss?
11. Personal connection – How do we demonstrate care for employees as people?
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