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It’s not about increasing our bottom performers – but empowering our top performers….

I’ve been inching through Jim Collins’ book From Good to Great over the last few months. There’s some really good stuff in it about how to get a successful company over the hump to be truly special. 

In the last chapter I read, Collins pointed out three observations that most great companies make regarding their personnel:

1. Don’t hire simply to hire. Instead, wait for the right people to hire the best.

2. When change in personnel is needed, do it – don’t wait.

3. Put the best employees on the biggest challenges

I find Collins’ book to be nothing revolutionary but instead a remarkable and motivating reminder of how to be successful. These points are no exception to that. As I grow into a stronger leader and manager, I’m reminded to focus on my bright spots to make them brighter and to empower my employees’ passion, skills, and desire to impact our business on a more profound level. Thanks Jim Collins.

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