My Brain Is A Computer

I recently had a discussion with a friend, where we were comparing our brains to computers. Yeah, we’re nerds.

*On a computer, we type information and download content to add information to the hard drive, then process that information towards productive synthesis in order to create original content, ideas, expression, etc…

*As humans, we work similarly: We seek and observe information which is stored in our brains. From there we judge, opine, conclude, and synthesize this hard observational data into outward expression and ideas. 

What is interesting to me is this: the most expensive computers have very fast processors that can analyze data rapidly and spit out results. Sure, expensive computers also often have a lot of storage for data, but the processor is where its at. I think this is where the human workforce is headed. There are more and more resources available for finding data when we need it – there is less of a need to memorize stuff than there used to be – and the most successful people seem to be the most efficient and effective processors of this information. 

So how can we continue to shift into a personhood where we prioritize ability to process and effectively create results more than our capacity to memorize facts and hard data?

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