Using Your Superpowers to Spread Goodness


I have been using a terrible, broken phone for the last 2 years. Well, it actually worked for about 2 months of that 2 years… but, as you may have figured out from that duration, I am now out of my contract and ready to get a new phone, service provider, etc…

Last night at 9pm – on a whim – I decided to get an iPhone 5c. I wasn’t sure what places would have it and who was open. I found myself checking it out on Target’s website because their site features an in-store availability site, whereby I can tell if a store has my item in or not. This feature is all the rage within the brick-and-morter retail world right now. Anyways, as luck would have it, Target’s site told me that my local store has it in stock and ready for my pick-up. Hooray!

Only not hooray.

We got to Target within 10 minutes. I told the sales person that the website said they have an iPhone 5c in blue and green in stock and I want one (wife also wanted one). He looked around and couldn’t find either phone. I said “But your website says you definitely have it in” and he just looked at me dumbfounded. Needless to say, wife and I left disappointed – which brings me to my point today.

This in-store fulfillment tool is all the rage and is wonderful – when it works. Now, perhaps

Tommy Target didn’t know where to look for the iPhones or their inventory was off –  but it turned what should have a positive buying experience for me (and $200+ transaction for them) into a non-buying visit and an overall dumbfounded and unhappy experience. That leads to my final point.

Leaders, think about your talents and skills in the leadership arena; maybe you have the sexy in-store fulfillment equivalent of people skills. Do you know how to use your abilities to create positive change around you? For instance, if you’re familiar with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, the “WOO” or “Win Others Over” skill is one of the most desirable qualities a person can have. However, if a person has the WOO but are a bad influence on others, having this attribute ends up not being a strength but a detriment. They attract a lot of attention – but not necessarily the good kind.

How are you using your abilities to their full capacity and to produce results? How are you using your superpowers to do good in the world?

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