the law of attraction


I’m a nerd. I’ll own it.

Sometimes i find myself falling into these wikipedia black holes, where i’m following one link to another to another…

Recently I found myself learning about the Law of Attraction (after reading Jim Carrey’s wiki page) which basically states that what we aspire to, we will become. So…if we seek out things that are sad or melancholy, we will inherit that and become sad and melancholy. However, if we seek out happiness, joy, and goodness in the world around us, we will find that too.

Check out a brief summary here. And seek what is good, fair, joyous, and awe-inspiring. We live in a pretty amazing world and it’d be a real shame if we didn’t see that first hand from time to time. Remember – as leaders, we want to inspire others to believe in greatness – but we first should also believe and experience that joy.

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