Stop Complaining and Go Make Something Of Yourself


A month ago, a friend of mine (we’ll call her “Fran”) mentioned how she “has not been given an opportunity to grow” in her current role. Fran has been working in a small company role in sales for awhile and has seen other people chosen over her for the next role up. Fran confessed to me that she has “waited and waited and waited” for a superior to pluck her from obscurity and to commend her on being a “steady contributor” to her company. Fran is still in her role and isn’t going to leave that company just yet – but she feels frustrated.

Fran made me feel frustrated.

The world does not promote people who are “good.” How many baseball teams win world championships with players that are “good?” Likewise, how many AAA (minor league) ball players complain they’ve never been given a chance? Trust me…if someone is hits 50 homeruns for a minor league team in one year, it will be awfully hard for a team in the big leagues to not love the idea of having them on their team.

Don’t wait for your “opportunity” or for someone to “give you a chance.” It just doesn’t happen that often.

Instead, you determine your destiny. You are in charge of where you go in life, be it with a job, sports, social situations, whatever. If you are a leader, LEAD! Take control of your situation and earn your reward. Make yourself an unstoppable and amazing force that a higher-up in a company cannot help but lavish further responsility upon. Don’t aspire to be “good enough” – aspire to be the most amazing whatever in the world.

Our biggest blockade in growing or being successful is apprehension towards harnessing our potential.

If you want something, go get it. Don’t you dare give up until you’ve made it…. and when you get whatever you’re working towards, remember what happened and how amazing you proved yourself to be during that process…and how much more amazing you will continue to be as you grow.


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2 responses to “Stop Complaining and Go Make Something Of Yourself

  1. Patti Haberstock

    True…so true! I see the same in my work. You are right…many think that because they meet expectations, they are high performers. Sometimes they need enlightenment…I feel my job as a manager is to help those average performers see what they need to do to reach that next level.

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