Leadership Is Climbing the Mountain – A Trade with Strategic Monk

I love being original and keeping things fresh with this website. My friend, Greg, over at StrategicMonk.com came up with a cool idea: trade posts. So… I’ve posted on his website, StrategicMonk.com, and his entry with the same title is posted below. Enjoy!


The gently rolling hills of Wisconsin, smoothed by glaciers so long ago, are a great place to be born and raised. They did not, though, teach me many lessons about climbing mountains.

Mountain climbing was a purely theoretical exercise for me. There were pictures of mountains in books. They brought to mind exotic names of distant places like the “Alps” or “Himalayas.” They were far removed from my everyday life.

The first time I ever saw a mountain was from the window of an airplane. It was majestic, but still did not give me any practical insights into mountain climbing.
In the same way, leaders were not people with whom I recognized having any real connection. They were pictures in books or on television.
Now I live in a place where I can see mountains from my front window. I have climbed mountains, and have a tangible appreciation for what it takes to climb them well.
The key to climbing mountains, and to leading, is taking the next step. It is good to have the right equipment, but you would be amazed at what you can improvise. It is good to have experience and information, but analysis can also stop us from doing what we need to do.
Each step is significant. Each step determines what comes after it. Each step informs you about your own resources and insights, and helps you see your true self more clearly. Each step is a journey of its own.
As we take each step into the unknown future, we turn potential into reality and possibilities into results. We learn the lessons each step has for us, and we transform the exotic into the everyday.
What mountains are you climbing today?
Where will your next step take you?
You can read more of Greg’s reflections on leadership at his website, StrategicMonk.com, or follow him on Twitter at @StrategicMonk.


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