How to See Into Your Future – NOW


We all choose role models. I also believe that we can choose reverse-role models, people we do not want to be like… or people with specific characteristics that we do not want to inherit.

I can recall – a couple years back when I played music in different bands – meeting Dan, another musician who lit up the room when he walked in. He happily engaged with and signed autographs for anyone around him. I instantaneously decided that I wanted to also have that charisma and sense of intrigue that drew people to Dan.

Conversely, I can also recall meeting a drummer (we’ll call him Donnie) who exhibited a characteristic I absolutely did not want to inherit. After the show, I heard a kid ask Donnie how much his drums cost. Donnie replied, “Wayyyy more than your parents’ car.” Wow, not cool. I made a note of this and still recall the event 10 years later.

Here’s the point, folks: We meet people every day who exhibit characteristics that we can choose to admire or not admire. However, we can use these people as live examples of who we want to be and who we do not want to be.

Who are some people around you with features that you would love to have? What features do you see in people around you that do not go along with who you want to become?

The very people around us can, will, and do serve as guides to our future selves if we can simply open our eyes.

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