Leaders Will Be Disliked…


…at times. Fortunately, there will also be a lot of times where you’re also appreciated openly.

Michelle Rhee posted a great article about this on LinkedIn this week. Her best advice: “Develop your tough skin now…”  I could not agree more. Well spoken, Michelle.

I fully agree with Michelle’s article. As a leader, I’ve enjoyed some great moments of positivity where I felt appreciated… and I’ve had moments where people around me clearly did not like what was happening. There are many reasons for it – perhaps it was their disposition, jealousy, some internal issue, struggle with change, or genuine dislike for myself and what I was doing – but a leader must hunker down during those times and lead from the front. If a strong leader is truly doing this, many of those naysayers will come around eventually or move on to greener pastures.

Read the rest of the article here. It’s well worth it, especially for younger leaders.

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