What Can Burton “Gus” Guster Teach Us About Leadership?


(photo courtesy of USA Network)

If you guys are like me, you enjoy the USA comedy show Psych. If you’re not – well – you’re missing out. This is the second of three posts on leadership in Psych (the first was posted yesterday).

Burton “Gus” Guster is the tertiary star of Psych. Gus’s best friend, Shawn, is a gifted observer who has a spectacular eye for detail. Shawn uses his ability to solve crimes. However, like every leader, Shawn has some major weaknesses – especially his cockiness and overconfidence in his own abilities. Enter Gus.

Gus is Shawn’s confident and the yin to his yang. For every crazy scheme Shawn has, Gus is supportive while also pushing back. Shawn’s ideas are often lofty, eccentric, and only partially correct. Gus provides a much more grounded perspective that compliments Shawn’s raw thoughts.

All leaders need push back. This can come from a mentor, a peer, or from multiple other sources. I will say it again: all leaders need push back. Every leader needs a Gus to expand their myopic view on things towards a more holistic and accurate perspective.

Who is your Burton “Gus” Guster? How have they changed your perspective? How do you validate this valuable push back?

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