What Can Shawn Spencer From Psych Teach Us About Leadership?



(photo courtesy of USA Network)


If you guys are like me, you enjoy the USA comedy show Psych. If you’re not – well – you’re missing out. This is the first of three posts on leadership in Psych.

Psych is a show about two friends, Shawn and Gus, who help the police to solve mysteries. Shawn is a jokester but has a great ability in his power of observation… which he masks to the police as a psychic ability (hence some of the comedic value).

Shawn’s uncanny ability to observe everything around him with his incredible brain makes him a leader in crime-solving and deduction. Shawn does something every leader needs to do: Observation. The best leaders know what is happening around them at any point in time. Hyper-awareness of one’s surroundings allows a leader to be well-informed so that they make effective and timely decisions. If you’re a business person, you may refer to this as data collection towards establish a KPI. These observations include quantitative and qualitative characteristics. They can be related to the people around you or the conditions of your environment or the time of the day.

Whatever you do… be observant like Shawn Spencer!


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