Who? Paul Konerko! That’s Who!


A recent article posted on Linked In by Linda Coles caught my attention.

Linda points out how using a person’s name in a statement directed towards them can produce a more engaged response. It makes sense. Let’s compare these two statements that use the name of one of my favorite White Sox players.

1. And… a home run! Wow, that guy has some great power. He’s definitely a special player.

2. And… Paul Konerko with a home run! Konerko has some great power! Paul Konerko is definitely a special player.

If you were Paul Konerko and you heard statement #1… it’d be nice. However, statement #2 has a lot more behind it. It’s personalized, it’s more meaningful, and definitely more effective if you’re trying to inflate Pauly’s ego.

The same thing applies to our teammates, employees, and anyone else around us. Personalize your statements and don’t neglect using people’s names. And…Go White Sox! šŸ™‚

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