5 Questions With Dave Troutner


Name: Dave Troutner

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Position/Job: Retail Management
1. Think back to when you were extremely motivated by a boss, leader, or teammate. What did they say or do that motivated you so much and why did it work?
I was very motivated by a peer at our leadership conference one time. What I heard from him was the desire and drive to always do better. He was not talking (posturing) to make himself look better, he was just telling what he thinks and does. I challenged myself to emulate that drive. He has become a long time mentor and friend.
2. When have you been very unmotivated by a boss, leader, or teammate? Why did it create a feeling of un-motivation to do your job better?
I was very unmotivated by a boss because it was obvious that the other things they had going on were always more important than what was going on with us. They rarely called or visited. When they did come to the location they were always distracted and in a hurry to move on to the next. Never gave the impression that they were truly “there”.
3. What is one characteristic you look for in an effective leader?
Forthrightness. I want to know the truth, even if it hurts or sucks. Don’t dance around the subject and be politically correct. Tell me how it is and I will find a way to make it work.
4. When have you motivated another person to better themselves or to be more productive in their job?
I told a manager one time that I expected more from her. She was always doing okay, but I knew there was more potential, and didn’t want her to just glide by on what she was doing because it was easy for her. She kicked in gear and got promoted.
5. What is one piece of advice you’d give towards aspiring leaders?
Be authentic to your style. This will come across as sincere and people will trust and follow.

Every week, we ask 5 questions to a different person. The questions remain the same but the people change. Some people are leaders, some are followers, but all have valuable input. 

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