5 questions with Jessica Leonard



Name: Jessica Leonard

Location: Ashland, Oregon

Position/Job: Spatial Analysis Program Manager
1. Think back to when you were extremely motivated by a boss, leader, or teammate. What did they say or do that motivated you so much and why did it work?
It is very motivating when a boss is excited about the outcome of a project. If it feels like no one cares what you are working on, it is easy to start slacking off. Also, when a project is successful and a boss is grateful and praises your work, it makes you want to keep aiming higher and pleasing them.
2. When have you been very unmotivated by a boss, leader, or teammate? Why did it create a feeling of un-motivation to do your job better?
Being micromanaged can be incredibly unmotivating. People often get stuck in the minutia of details and forget the big picture. When someone constantly questions every decision you make, it disrupts the process and can make it difficult to stay on track. Creating small goals and friendly check ins along the way can be beneficial without being overbearing.
3. What is one characteristic you look for in an effective leader?
Positivity! Don’t drag me down, man.
4. When have you motivated another person to better themselves or to be more productive in their job?
I’m generally super excited about making maps and performing data analysis which rubs off on my interns. Celebrating their accomplishments and giving constructive feedback while teaching them little tips and tricks along the way usually leads to them learning new tools on their own and enhancing their own creative process.
5. What is one piece of advice you’d give towards aspiring leaders?
Happy leaders breed happy, productive employees and teammates.

Every week, we ask 5 questions to a different person. The questions remain the same but the people change. Some people are leaders, some are followers, but all have valuable input. 

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