20 ways you know you’re a Gen Y’er from Orland Park, IL

This site’s purpose is to build up others into stronger leaders and influencers. A lot of these posts are relatively serious. However, sometimes being a leader also includes connecting with others through humor, common experience, and a bit of self-deprication.  I thought I’d create a little list around this for my peeps back in my hometown. Enjoy.

You know you’re a Generation Y’er from Orland Park, IL when…

1. You remember going to indie/punk shows at Record Swap, Mojoes, and Red Tower.

2. The local town celebrities were Jenny McCarthy and Robin Tunney.

3. You can recall when Sandburg H.S. didn’t look like a gigantic Chipotle.

4. You remember two malls: Orland Square, which for some reason had a ton of birds in cages, and Orland Park Place, whose fish in aquariums outnumbered its patrons.

5. You remember visiting the town library which was not near the center of town but instead randomly in the middle of a neighborhood.

6. You remember an educational field trip to the Jacob Hosart Log Cabin.

7. You remember a fun field trip to the Tinley Park Roller Rink.

8. You remember a horribly uncomfortable field trip to the Robert Crown Center. Perhaps even more than once. Gosh, how many times do we have to go this place?!

9. You have fond memories of going to Orland Video, getting a couple tapes, and buying stick Jolly Ranchers.

10. You bagged groceries for your mom at Omni…and tried to fathom a grocery store that didn’t have baggers.

11. You remember it being desirable to live as far south in Orland Park as you could without moving into Will County…so you’d have Lake Michigan water. (Well water = gross)

12. You remember taking batting practice in the building that later became Robert Morris College.

13. The two coolest places to have your birthday party: Mickadoon’s/Orland Bowl… or driving to the ghetto – Showbiz Pizza in Matteson.

14. You got your cd fix from either Best Buy or Circuit City. Oh the rivalry.

15. You remember playing all your soccer games at either Shussler Park, Humphrey Park, or Park School. Way before Centennial Park’s majesty was constructed.

16. There were two theatres in Orland: Orland Square and…Orland Square. (Or as my friends knew them as: the brown one and the red one)

17. Remember DARE? Officer Navas?

18. You went to a mediocre deep dish pizza restaurant just so you could write on the walls and tables.

19. It was so hard to keep up with trends! 4th grade was IOU shirts, Z Cavaricci pants, Reebok Pump shoes, and Vanilla Ice. 5th grade was Nirvana, grunge music, Hyper Color shirts, Air Jordan shoes, and flannel. 6th grade was Metallica and Beavis and Butthead. Too…much…change…fast…

20. You recall being so sad when they banned ice cream trucks in the OP. Boo!

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